Becoming a learning company in the age of digital acceleration

With the Covid-19 crisis, many companies have seen their way of operating evolve, which has led them to rethink their ways of training their employees. Digital training has thus become a part of our private and professional environment. This is also done in a context where the increase of professional reconversions has increased by 30% since the first containment of March 2020 (Via Le Figaro in July 2021).

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By Casandra JEAN

Today, with the multitude of different channels available on the market, such as MOOCs, e-learning and micro-learning platforms , blended-learning or Serious Games, training via digital has become a must. The increase in skills via these digital devices has become one of the major challenges for companies on an economic, social and educational level. SQORUS accompanies and helps many clients in this digital training transformation process.

An unavoidable commitment for the future of all

This approach to digitalizing training has already been implemented in many companies, such as Véolia (Campus Véolia) and Nexity (La cité), which are learning organization approaches that allow each of their employees to be an actor in their professional lives and in their skills development.

The business world is changing and the crises of the last few years are changing the codes, especially with the generalization of telecommuting. Employees who wish to evolve professionally are obliged to acquire new skills, both technical (related to their job) and more broadly related to the use of computer tools and language skills.

Digitizing the possibility of training makes it possible to make a large number of free online training courses accessible to employees, in a much more flexible way (time and place), promoting real comfort, and mobilizing them directly on the subjects they want to learn more about.

The legal and economic impact of digital training

In addition to an economic and social issue, training is a societal issue. March 5, 2014, introduced apprenticeship reform, and it eased the burden on companies about their training obligations. It has opened up the possibility for employees to follow a training course partly or totally at a distance.

As for the 2018 professional training reform, it has relaxed regulations around digital, with the aim of making training increasingly accessible for all audiences.

In order for companies to meet the legal obligations of vocational training, they must however respect three criteria:

– The digital training must contain technical assistance, for example in the form of a computer hotline in case of technical questions, as well as pedagogical assistance, mainly with the accompaniment of a trainer in case of questions related to the training content.

– Instructional activities must be measurable over time, i.e., they must be estimated over time and not counted as part of the trainee’s connection. Digital training courses must show a commitment to the trainee’s presence.

– Finally, the trainee (or learner) must have an evaluation of his or her learning at the end of the completed training.



To accelerate this transition, SQORUS supports companies wishing to digitalize their training via the implementation of HRIS in line with their real needs, so that they can quickly access the necessary information (HR data) and prove their training actions in case of appeal.

Note that SQORUS also helps companies that want to make their training courses certifiable to choose a tool that meets legal obligations (attendance sheet, training catalog, etc.).

In the vast subject of training transformation, the implementation of a HRIS offers advanced functionalities allowing to animate internal communities such as knowledge management or to become a learning company.

The HRIS can set up e-learning, Learning Content Management System (LCSM), Learning Management System (LMS ) at the disposal of your employees.

At SQORUS, we are ready to accompany you on this path, from help with selection à integrationto change management.

Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss it.




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