Why upgrade PEOPLESOFT tools?

SQORUS teams can assist you in your Peoplesoft projects, from the implementation of the Peoplesoft solution to version upgrades and continuous improvement management.

Indeed, expert of the Peoplesoft solution since 1999, the consultants of SQORUS propose you a personalized accompaniment for the migration towards the upgrade of PeopleTools 8.57 or 8.58.

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A new version of PeopleTools is now available

PeopleTools offer you a complete set of tools, from development, analysis, integration, administration and lifecycle management. By leveraging this tool, application developers can build and customize PeopleSoft faster and easier. Through the use of robust middleware and its EAI “Integration Broker”. PeopleTools are able to support a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA).

With the new PeopleTools 8.57 or 8.58 releases, Oracle continues its investment in PeopleSoft with a roadmap over the next ten years. The features included in these new versions have been designed to enhance many of the existing features. They provide application users with new features to reduce ongoing operating costs and support them in a techno lift and shift strategy.

    PeopleTools 8.57 / 8.58: Improved user experience and productivity

    The features included in these releases focus on continuously improving the PeopleSoft user experience, while providing additional technology options. These releases offer new features that improve the productivity of your developers as well as your end users. It will be easier to deploy PeopleSoft applications on the cloud, develop custom mobile applications, and provide your users with personalized access to PeopleSoft data information and analytics content.

    PeopleTools 8.57 / 8.58
    are the showcase of the new PeopleSoft Cloud Architecture (PCA), a comprehensive organization of structures, features and capabilities across the system by providing operational efficiencies and mobility.

      PeopleTools 8.57 / 8.58: Flexibility, stability and platform evolution

      The main value of the latest version of PeopleTools lies in the integration of new technologies to reduce operating costs.

      While the new versions of Tools continue to support multiple platforms, they also build the gateway that supports the future architecture of Oracle Cloud and on premise applications.

      PeopleTools offers customers an unparalleled tool that provides technical support, innovation, and low, controlled costs.



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