Council and support for online payments & e-payments for financial departments

The ability of a financial service to regularly adjust and renew its payment offering across its various channels and sales models for a smoother and more reliable customer experience is a key lever for maximizing its conversion rate into sales.

A controlled management of online payments, e-payments and fraud, based on a centralized, flexible and secure information system opens the prospect of numerous optimizations of its e-commerce activity.

SQORUS provides you with the best Product Owner, Business Analyst and Payment and Fraud IT expert profiles to carry out your various e-payment and anti-fraud projects in order to develop your e-commerce activity while reducing costs through structuring services.

Our expertise

Epayment Offer

360° Diagnosis

We use all our know-how and experience to carry out a complete diagnosis of your payment and fraud activity and advise you on the Quick Wins and structuring projects that will significantly improve the overall performance of your payment and fraud activity.

Is my customers’ buying journey optimal?

The burden and costs related to my management of refunds and chargebacks

Can they be reduced?

Can the acceptance rates of my payment methods be increased?

Is the monitoring of payment incidents and fraud attacks effective?

  • A diagnosis of the customer experience (UX/UI)
  • A diagnosis of the payment and anti-fraud flows and processes
  • A performance diagnosis
  • A diagnosis of the monitoring level and data
  • A diagnosis of the activity monitoring data
  • Opportunities for short-term optimization (Quick Wins)
  • Opportunities for structuring projects
  • A development path for your business

Payment gateway (PSP) and payment method integration

Our dual business and IT skills, proven through dozens of varied integrations, allow us to support you from start to finishin the integration of a new PSP, a new payment method or the strengthening of existing integrations. Our broad scope of intervention covers selection assistance, technical integration and performance analysis.

Which payment methods are best suited to my customer base, target geographic area or sales model? What is the preferred method of integration?

I want to integrate a new gateway or payment method. How to choose it?

I have a problem with the acceptance rate or security of a payment method. Can I improve the integration? How do you do it?

  • Help in choosing PSP and payment methods
  • Technical and functional analysis of PSP
  • Implementation of a new PSP
  • Implementation of a new payment method
  • Performance and incident analysis
  • Reinforcement of existing integrations

Monitoring and alerting

Payment incidents and fraud attacks can lead to significant financial lossesoverloading of the operational teams and loss of customers. Our experiences have shown us that investing in dashboards and automated alerts with “cross team collaboration allows you to switch to a any other level in terms of performance, stability and maturity on its payment and fraud perimeter. SQORUS accompanies you from start to finish on this project in very high added value.

The impact of payment incidents and fraud represents a significant burden on operational teams.

I would like to set up cross-functional processes and increase coordination between the various operational teams.

  • Payment data enrichment and fraud
  • Implementation of data analysis and visualization tools
  • Production and maintenance of dashboards and alerts
  • Definition of intervention modalities and processes
  • Transfer of skills to different teams

Strengthening the e-payment IS

An optimal payment and anti-fraud IS is capable of integrating with your various channels and sales models as well as with all gateway solutions (PSPs) and anti-fraud tools on the market. Centralized, robust and flexible, it will open the door to many opportunities to reduce costs related to your entire e-commerce activity.

I want to mutualize the costs associated with PSP and payment method integrations with my various channels and sales models.

I want to reduce the workload of the support and finance teams in the payments and fraud area.

I need more flexibility and reactivity in the management of payment methods and my anti-fraud controls.

I want to implement emergency business and application processes to reduce the impact of payment incidents and fraud attacks.

  • Creation of your custom payment orchestrator
  • Implementation of a centralized tool to manage the display of payment methods
  • Implementation of a centralized flow management and anti-fraud control tool
  • Harmonization of PSP integrations and payment methods
  • Enrichment and standardization of transactional data
  • Optimization of the global architecture of the E-Payment IS

SQORUS e-payment case study

Multinational video game company | duration of the mission : 33 months | profile : product owner / business analyst / expert it payment and fraud



  • A worldwide e-commerce activity on 5 continents with more than 6 PSPs and about 60 payment methods
  • A program to completely overhaul the E-commerce IS, including the group’s global payment hub
  • A geo-expansion trajectory for the development of new sales models
  • A goal to more effectively detect ongoing fraud attacks and payment incidents



  • Creation and management of the new group payment hub (Product Owner/Scrum Master)
  • Analysis and deployment of PSP and payment methods
  • Implementation of a dynamic payment method management tool
  • Implementation of anti-fraud processes and flows
  • Payment and fraud IT expertise on ALL GROUP e-commerce projects (Business Analyst)
  • Detection and management of payment incidents and fraud attacks
  • Support for the development of a “Data-Informed” approach
  • Project and initiative management with the OKR method



  • 9 payment gateways (PSPs) and more than twenty payment methods deployed
  • A payment hub compatible with all the group’s channels and sales models
  • More than 150 dashboards and real-time payment and fraud alerts implemented
  • A dozen e-commerce projects completed
  • Dynamic management processes for payment methods and anti-fraud flows

The SQORUS choice for your e-payment projects


More than a solid expertise on e-commerce payment and fraud issues, we have developed a real vision on how to develop the global performance of the payment and fraud activity of a financial department.


A know-how and a methodology based on the integration of a dozen payment gateways (PSPs) worldwide, as many e-commerce projects carried out according to a “data informed” approach and more than three years in lead in the detection and resolution of payment and fraud incidents of a multinational.


Our dual business and IT expertise in payment methods allows us to have an overall vision and to support you on payment and fraud initiatives of any complexity as Product Owner, Business Analyst and IT expert in payment and fraud.


Teams committed to and supportive of the client’s issues

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