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Samy BOUCHEBAT, expert for nearly 8 years in the Finance and Business Transformation Division at SQORUS, presents the development of its E-payment offer.

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Where did you get the idea to build a new E-payment offer?

It all started with a mission! I discovered this field of payment methods and fraud for e-commerce, which fascinated me! I was also convinced that this was a promising area, and that everything I was accomplishing for the client could be reused to help our other clients improve in this area.

How did you manage the project to launch the E-payment offer?

In fact, we are not necessarily mature enough to tackle all the project deliverables. We also don’t necessarily have visibility on the different stages of construction of an offer.

My managers really gave me a framework, and also a path to develop the offer. They helped me to consolidate my skills and also to introduce Sqorus to this new model.

I was really accompanied on the project and in any case I believe that on this type of project, one must be accompanied.

I also worked with other people and other teams at Sqorus: the directors, the marketing team, the sales team, other collaborators who really helped me structure the offer and give it its commercial orientation.

What did you like about the project to launch the E-payment offer?

Already, the fact of building an offer in a field that I like! When I put together an offer, somewhere along the line, I start with a personal project that becomes a company project.

The fact of co-constructing too, with many different people and Sqorus teams. It is a project that has helped me enormously as a consultant. Somehow, I built myself by building this offer! In addition to the accompaniment, there is really a propulsion!

I am living a real intrapreneurship experience!

Any tips for developing an offer?

We need to find fertile ground! A company that will give us enough room to maneuver, autonomy, but also the necessary support to put together an offer.

In my experience, not all companies do!

  • Challenge companies: So, if I had a message to give to consultants, especially in interviews, don’t hesitate to “challenge” them on what they offer in terms of intrapreneurship, if there are examples of people who have already put together an offer…
  • Work in project mode: Putting together an offer somewhere is a project. I think it should be understood simply as such. And it’s a good thing because in our field, a project speaks for itself! So it’s really about building a project team, with a framework, a real development trajectory. We build it, we launch it, and we make it grow in time! It is a project that really lives in time.
  • Accept yourself as you are! You have to be honest with yourself. You have to know and accept your strengths, not to forget them, and also your weaknesses.
  • Opening up to others: You must also know how to immerse yourself in others. Since we work with people who have very different profiles.
  • Learn from your failures: And don’t dramatize failure. it is an exercise that is really “challenging” there will be difficulties! Sometimes, we will miss presentations, we will hit walls, but somewhere, a failure, if we really understand how it happened, how we will know how to do better for the next time, somewhere, it is called a success!

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Watch Samy’s full testimony on video.

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