Ebook: HR Data strategy: what if we accelerated?

Imagine a world where the HR function is propelled into a new dimension thanks to the power of data. What if this world were within our reach? Find out how to harness the full potential of HR Data to revolutionize your organization with our dedicated Ebook.

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What if Data were the key to propelling your HR function into a new dimension?

But where to start? How can you develop a data-driven culture within the HR function? What architectures and platforms should be put in place to manage data efficiently? And above all, how can we harness this data to create value through concrete use cases? Our Ebook answers these questions.

In 3 main parts and 8 chapters, we offer you a comprehensive overview of the challenges, best practices and opportunities associated with HR data. You’ll discover :


  • Part I: How to develop a data-driven culture within your HR function, focusing on acculturation and skills development.
  • Part II: How to set up a high-performance data architecture and a fluid exchange platform to optimize HR management.
  • Part III: How to make the most of HR data through concrete use cases, from recruitment and training to turnover analysis and payroll optimization.

SQORUS (formerly Des Systèmes et des Hommes) is a Council firm specializing in digital digital transformation consulting of HR, Finance and IT functions. Our consultants work on for over 30 years with large companies on strategic strategic projects, à international dimensionaround information systems: evolution strategy, choice assistance, integration, Business Intelligence, Data Management, support and change management but also on issues around the Cloud and Artificial Intelligence.

We have been able to adapt to the new digital challenges, to the arrival of the Cloud, and to changes in working methods. We have succeeded in forging strong partnerships with the main publishers in the market and in attracting business and technical experts.

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Great Place to Work for 10 consecutive years, SQORUS is sensitive to the development of its Sqorusien.nes, their career development and their training in future-oriented solutions.

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