A consulting offer in HR strategy and transformation

in line with the challenges of your teams.

The Human Resources sector is undergoing profound changes with the acceleration of digital transformation, the explosion of teleworking, the forced digitalization of training, the support of “permanent change”, the shortage of talent and the waves of resignations, HR communication in the face of fragmented organizations…

There are many projects, and it is often difficult to find one’s way through the issues, the service providers, and the social and societal changes.

SQORUS, as a key partner of HR functions for over 30 years, offers you its expertise in HR Strategy & Transformation through several offers:

Our offers

Strategic Consulting

Our consultants put their strategic, technical and functional expertise at your service to help you make the best decisions.

Among our activities:

  • Consolidation of your Vision / governance / HR transformation roadmap
  • Cultural Transformation / Values / Purpose
  • HR Data Strategy
  • CSR Strategy & Impact
  • Workplace Transformation Strategy.


For more than 20 years, we have been working on HRIS issues, and have developed a solid expertise and a perfect knowledge of the market players.

Among the steps of our methodology: mapping of the existing system, diagnosis of the processes and users, urbanization scenarios, master plan, RFI/RFP editors, writing of the specifications and organization and participation in the presentations.



SQORUS consultants have an in-depth knowledge of the various HR processes such as recruitment, compensation, talent, training, administrative management, and management of human resources. We approach them with pragmatism and an innovative approach.

Among the topics we are currently working on: retention strategy, employer brand, PPIM, learning organization, Adaptive Learning, Master Data Management, Strategic Workforce Planning

Change Management

To support your employees’ new ways of working, to become a learning, agile and horizontal organization, we help you to bring about the necessary changes, to promote the new practices and to anchor them in the long term. We believe that each company is different because of its activity, its history and its ambition… Thus, we work on a new dynamic and co-construct with you the perennial and adequate devices which will facilitate the daily life of your collaborators, whatever the type of change to be adopted (process, governance, information system, management, etc.) at the level of a direction or of the whole company. To guarantee the quality of our services, our consultants are all certified in their Change Management skills (ESSEC, PROSCI, etc.).


Project Owner Support

The project management assistance team is the architect of your project. Its mission is to translate the needs of the final client (users: HR, managers, employees, etc.) into clear and easy-to-implement instructions for the project manager, the real “mason” of your solution.

SQORUS offers its clients a differentiating and innovative project methodology to successfully complete your HR transformation projects.

HR Innovation

Innovation and monitoring are at the heart of our business and our organization. In our HR Lab, we develop content (white papers) and new approaches, which we make available to our clients. We infuse these innovative practices into our daily missions, and we also accompany companies in a more specific way via HR Learning Expeditions .


The team

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Mathieu Flaig

Mathieu Flaig

Director of HR Strategy and Transformation

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Aurélie Coulange

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