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Sqorus 250 employees are divided into 2 main divisions: the Finance Division and the HR Division, supported by the Support Services and the technical experts.


It specialises in consulting and project management assistance for accounting and financial information systems.

Our 100 consultants, project leaders and managers are involved in the implementation of ERP and management information systems, from the review of processes to the choice of tools, from the deployment of solutions to the management of their continuous improvement.

steering and framing of implementation projects


The HR division specialises in consulting on Talent Management Strategies and Solutions. Its 130 employees help our clients improve their agility to recruit, engage and develop talent by leveraging technology.

They are involved in implementation, deployment, continuous improvement and lifecycle management of Human Capital Management (HCM) solutions.


To carry out all our projects, we have a large number of technical consultants, also called IT consultants.

Divided between our two divisions, they work on finance and/or HR issues. They bring their expertise to the back office but also to the front office of our clients. Their missions are as varied as their profiles at SQORUS: infra, UX, UI, devops, JAVA J2E, APEX, SQL, Docker, Linux, Python, SOA, Oracle BPM and PaaS… They all have one thing in common: a thirst for innovation and a desire to always surpass themselves.


Sales, invoicing, recruitment, communication, marketing…

These missions are carried out by the 20 people of SQORUS’ support services: the sales, HR, marketing, personnel administration and accounting teams.


Team Finance Divison


Team HR Division


Team Support



The technical consultant


With their expertise in one or more technical fields, technical consultants work in complex technological environments: from the conception and choice of architecture to the receipt phase and and customer support.

It can contribute to the pre-sales phases.

The technical consultant may progress as a technical expert, practice leader or project manager.

The advantages of a Technical Consultant: good interpersonal and writing skills, curiosity, open-mindedness, and thoroughness!

The functional consultant


The Functional Consultant uses his or her functional expertise (business expertise) to support digital transformation projects for support functions.

It provides assistance in the choice of projects, support and project management.

It can contribute to the pre-sales phases.

The functional consultant may progress to a Practice Leader or Project Manager role.

The advantages of a Functional Consultant: good interpersonal and writing skills, curiosity, open-mindedness and rigor!

The project manager


With technical or business expertise, our Project Managers lead digital transformation projects in an international context.

They coordinate project teams, define processes, lead workshops and manage deployments.

They are responsible for the proper execution of the project, its planning and monitoring.

AGIL, ITIL, SCRUM, V-cycle…They adapt to the various methodologies on the market. Our project managers evolve either towards technical expertise on a tool or towards hierarchical management.

The advantages of the Project Manager: great oral skills, interpersonal skills, ability to adapt, strength of proposal and rigour!

The manager


With extensive experience in IS project management, our managers are involved in three areas: Project management, line management and pre-sales.

Leading digital transformation projects, our Managers are always ready to listen to our consultants and play a key role in their support and in their development.

They participate in the recruitment of new employees, their integration, follow-up and professional development. Close to the business, they contribute to the commercial development of the offer and are involved in the pre-sales phases.

The Manager’s advantages: agility, kindness, leadership, oral fluency, good sense of formalisation, negotiation skills and persuasiveness!

Support function


Business, Human Resources, Marketing and Communication, Accounting…

All the support functions are at the service of the group’s growth. As cross-functional departments, they support all employees in administrative, strategic and commercial tasks.

With various profiles, they now represent more than 20 employees.

The advantages of the Support Functions: team spirit, curiosity, solidarity, agility and dynamism!

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