HR Analytics Accelerator

Less time spent processing data means more time to analyse it.

What is it?

ERP, CRM, Open Data, social networks or simply Excel files, there are many sources of information that can bring real added value to your organisation. However, this information is of little use if it is scattered, unconsolidated and not analysed.

Implementing a Business Intelligence architecture to collect, gather, consolidate and analyse that information is a crucial issue for your company in order to gain in competitiveness and proactivity. The implementation of this architecture can be challenging because it is very costly in terms of time and resources and presents a high risk of failure depending on the choice of architecture and modelling.

With strong expertise in HR and Finance as well as in Business Intelligence and analytics, SQORUS supports you in setting up a complete Business Intelligence & Analytics architecture around these businesses.


Manage your HR strategy with multiple KPIs

Dashboards well designed by our experts to optimize and facilitate analysis
Dashboards designed by our experts offer an optimal and fast analytical experience. Enabling you to make a decision quickly by moving from an overview of your activity to a detailed view (drill-down) is the concern of our various experts.



Analysis of the variation of your company’s headcount according to events such as hirings or departures.



Analysis of your recruitment performance.



Analyse planned and unplanned absences.



Analyse the achievement or non-achievement of the company’s objectives and its various departments.

Accelerating deployment



Don’t waste time collecting data, get straight to the analysis.

An optimal data warehouse modelled by our experts & a pre-defined data integration model.

In order to provide an optimal and efficient analytics experience, a historical data model offering a multi-dimensional view of HR health has been designed by our experts.

In addition, our pre-defined data integration model automatically retrieves, consolidates and integrates information into our data warehouse.

Finally, after the deployment of your platform, several dashboards are at your disposal, allowing you to interact with your data and monitor your HR activity.



Audit your current information system in order to identify the different sources of data that can feed your decision and estimate the load required

Deployment of data integration

  • Implementation of our data integration tool
  • Customisation of data recovery to suit your context

Deployment of the data warehouse

Deployment of the data warehouse

Deployment of dashboards

In order to have the different dashboards, a deployment of the restitution tool is necessary

  • Installation of the reporting tool
  • Creation of users
  • Deployment of algorithms for KPI calculations
  • Deployment of dashboards



Automates information retrieval

  • Less time spent collecting data means more time to analyse it.
  • No need to retrieve data from an ERP, CRM or other information sources and put it into Excel. Thanks to our data integration model, this stage of the decision-making process is automated and industrialized.


Significantly reduces the risks and costs associated with data warehouse design

  • Many business intelligence projects are delayed or abandoned due to poor data warehouse design.
  • Indeed, a bad design or modelling implies a re-design and therefore a modification of the data integration process.
  • No need to spend weeks thinking about your data warehouse architecture, we’ve already done it for you. Thanks to our tried and tested datawarehouse, only the deployment phase on your systems will be necessary.


Reduces the cost of designing KPIs

  • No more pivot tables and complex formulas, and no more comparing several excel files or reports before making a decision.
  • No more need for a workshop combining business and technical aspects to decide on the different KPIs and how to represent them.
  • Our KPIs have been validated by our business experts and thanks to our dashboards offering an overview of your activity, a decision can be taken quickly.


Every element of the Analytics Accelerator has been tried and tested.

  • Our data warehouse has been designed according to best practices
  • Each KPI has been validated by our business consultants
  • Rigorous reflection on our dashboards

Time savings at all levels of the Business Intelligence project

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