Simplify your validation processes with Oracle APEX 23.1

Are you looking to simplify your validation processes while improving the user experience? Look no further! In this article, we introduce you to the ideal solution: Oracle APEX 23.1. Discover how this powerful platform can transform your time-consuming approvals into a smooth, efficient workflow.

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Oracle APEX 23.1

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Since June 2023, Oracle APEX (Application Express) has introduced its new version. Here you’ll find all the innovative features of Oracle APEX 23.1, providing you with an enhanced development environment. Power, responsiveness and aesthetics combine harmoniously to create powerful, attractive applications.


Automate your approvals for greater efficiency with Oracle APEX

Approvals are a common requirement in many operational applications, particularly those involving business processes that require authorization or validation at various stages. For example, in a leave management system, when an employee submits a leave request, it may have to go through an approval process before being accepted or rejected.

Approving requests can be a tedious task, but with Approvals from Oracle APEX, everything becomes simpler.

This powerful component facilitates the management of validation processes by automating workflows and enabling rapid decisions. Don’t waste any more time with manual approvals, automate your processes for greater efficiency.

The power of Progressive Web App (PWA) with Oracle APEX

APEX Oracle makes it possible to have an application today with easily configurable notifications. In the new version 23.1, it’s never been easier to create and send notifications to users. The user experience allows users to choose whether they want to receive notifications or not.

The power of Progressive Web Apps (PWA) goes far beyond the notification capabilities provided by APEX Oracle. PWAs have revolutionized the way users interact with web applications, combining the best of traditional apps and websites.

Here are some of the key features that make PWA a must-have today :

  • Ease of installation: applications can be installed on the home screen of a user’s device without going through an application store. The result is faster user access and reduced space requirements.

  • Responsiveness and speed: PWA performance is close to that of native applications, with a smooth, pleasant user experience thanks to their high responsiveness.

  • Enhanced security: the PWA is hosted over HTTPS, which ensures that all communications between the server and the user’s device are encrypted, guaranteeing application integrity and security.

  • Transparent updates: PWA updates are automatic and transparent to the user. When a new version of an application is deployed, users automatically access the latest version, which is pleasant for the user, as they don’t have to take any action.

  • Cross-platform compatibility: PWA are designed to be compatible with different devices and operating systems. This means that a single version of an application can be used on multiple platforms, reducing the time and effort required for development and maintenance.

PWA - Oracle APEX 23.1

Rapidly develop dynamic Web applications with Oracle APEX Templates Components

Oracle APEX Templates Components are a set of predefined, highly customizable templates that let you create dynamic web applications quickly and efficiently. Capture your users’ attention by delivering exceptional user experiences with Oracle APEX.

The advantages of Oracle APEX model components are numerous:

  • Rapid development: Modelled components are available. This means you can use these templates to start building your application, rather than building it from scratch. This speeds up development and lets you publish your application even faster.

  • Customization: models are pre-designed, but highly customizable. Appearance, layout, colors, fonts and functionality can be modified to meet the specific needs of your application. This allows you to create a unique and attractive user interface.

  • Excellent user experience: template-based components let you create an outstanding user experience. By providing an attractive, user-friendly interface, you can capture the user’s attention and increase their satisfaction when working with your application.

  • Responsive: the model’s components are designed to be fully responsive, and your application automatically adapts to different devices and screen sizes. This guarantees a consistent, optimal experience whatever the device used.

Template - Oracle APEX 23.1

In conclusion: opt for a simplified future with Oracle APEX 23.1

Today, Apex is increasingly adapting to the market, offering a host of additional features and functions. These enhancements are designed to simplify development, modernize the user interface and help developers create applications faster. What’s more, the user experience is given pride of place, as it plays an important role in user retention.

To enhance this experience, Apex integrates background processes that run without locking the user to the page at runtime. This allows users to continue interacting with the application without interruption, contributing to a smoother, more enjoyable experience. What’s more, Apex adds new components to enhance the appearance of your application. These elements help to create a more attractive and aesthetically pleasing interface, and attract the user’s attention.

In short, Apex development aims to provide an enhanced development environment while focusing on the user experience to create powerful and attractive applications.

Whether you want to modernize an old application or create a new one, our team of experts is ready to help you integrate, optimize and operate Oracle APEX. Contact us today to discuss your specific requirements !



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