A new identity to express our desire to transform ourselves to become the partner of choice for companies seeking operational performance

The period we have lived through has disrupted our working habits and profoundly changed our daily professional lives, whatever our sector of activity and our trade.

To support the HR, Finance and IT functions in their transformation, S&H also wanted to re-invent itself.




2021 marks a new chapter in the history of S&H. S&H (Systems and People), a consultancy specialising in the modernisation of support functions, announces a change of name to SQORUS. By grouping all of its expertise under a common brand name, SQORUS, which is both innovative and people-oriented, SQORUS is affirming its commitment to offering its clients the experts and solutions best suited to the modernisation of their HR, Finance and IT functions.

This growth has been possible thanks to some wonderful human encounters: those of committed and supportive employees, those of prestigious clients and partners, members of the CAC-40 and the SBF120, who renew their trust year after year, most of them for 8, 10 or 15 years. Through this new brand territory, S&H aims to capture the human personality of the brand and its ability to transform itself.


S&H was born 30 years ago from the meeting of two colleagues (Amadou NGOM and Marc-Edouard BELLEST) and their desire to support users in the use of IT tools. S&H’s training activities have given way to implementation, development and migration projects around information systems, while integrating the business and technical aspects into the thinking. S&H has been able to adapt to the new digital challenges, to the arrival of the Cloud and to changes in working methods. It has succeeded in forging strong partnerships with the main publishers in the market, attracting business and technical experts, while maintaining its values of solidarity, diversity and commitment within its teams.

“Present on the French market for 30 years now and recently on the African continent, we wish to take a step forward to develop our activity and attract new customers and talents”, says Amadou NGOM, President and co-founder of S&H. This new brand illustrates our desire to transform ourselves to better support our customers in their modernisations”.


In the digital age, in a rapidly changing world, S&H needed to transform itself to meet the expectations of its clients and approach the consulting market from a new angle. By putting technology and talent back at the heart of its strategy, SQORUS responds to the new strategic challenges of its clients around the evolution of information systems,AI, Big Data and Analytics.

SQORUS clearly announces its willingness to offer its clients ever more innovative solutions and ever more qualified consultants to modernise all their HR and financial processes.

“We are convinced that the HR, FINANCE and IT functions play an essential role in the performance of the company and its future development. They are the main levers for deploying the company’s strategy. This change of identity marks a new page in the history of SQORUS in the service of the new challenges facing support functions,” explains Marc-Edouard Bellest, co-founder and Director of Operations at S&H.

The launch of strategy consulting offers around HR and Finance issues in early 2020 already heralded the start of this change. The 250 consultants at SQORUS work with major accounts on strategic projects involving HR and Finance information systems: consulting on development strategy, assistance with selection, integration, change management, but also on IT issues with offers on Business Intelligence, Data Management, Infrastructure, and web and mobile development.


“The diversity of the consultants’ profiles, combining business knowledge and technical expertise, has been a real value for the company and its clients for 30 years. It was therefore important to highlight the notions of Talent and Commitment in this new positioning. This new name, logo and signature illustrate the human personality of the brand, a differentiating element of the company,” says Marie-Laure LEROY, Marketing Director at S&H.

The new name SQORUS includes the combination of the transparent word “score” with the English “us”. The verb “scorer”, which means to score a point, expresses SQORUS desire to support its clients in achieving their results. The English pronoun “us” emphasises the collaboration and team spirit of the company. The combination of these two terms gives rise to the transparent term “chorus”, which conjures up the image of a unanimous and perfectly tuned choir, thus reinforcing the perception of a united team at the service of the client. SQORUS carries a positive and motivating message, encouraging teams to excel with and for others.

The logo, which represents this name, uses the combination of the letters Q and O. The letter Q, represented in the shape of a magnifying glass, reflects the expertise and thoroughness of the services offered by SQORUS. At its centre is a silhouette that illustrates the support provided to customers by the SQORUS teams. The silhouette in the centre also shows the special attention the company pays to its employees and its desire to remain Great Place To Work®.

Finally, the new signature “People and Solutions that matter” symbolizes the firm’s promise to its clients to offer them the best possible solutions. Talents and Solutions adapted to their challenges. This signature makes it possible to assert its difference and its positioning with the double expertise of the teams of SQORUS, both technical and functional, able to propose multi-publisher solutions with the skills to deploy them.

More modern, simpler and more digital, this new territory of expression and communication conveys the values of diversity, solidarity and commitment that characterise SQORUS.

“Our vision is that by giving maximum attention to our employees, their development, their skills and their commitment, we will serve our customers in the best possible way. We define ourselves as a company focused on its employees and customers. We pay particular attention to the development of expertise and innovation within our teams. Our business model is based on value rather than volume. We wanted to illustrate this vision in our new identity,” concludes Amadou Ngom.

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