SQORUS again a Best Workplace for Womenin 2023

SQORUS joins the Best Workplace for Women® 2023 for the 4th year running among 35 French companies. Great Place To Work® defined this list by taking into account three aspects: the representation of women in the organization and in management positions, their perception in the Trust Index© and the practices implemented by the organization in terms ofprofessional equality.



Great Place For Women 2022

June 29, 2023

SQORUS logo and Best Workplace for women 2023

How to qualify for Best Workplaces for Women 2023®

To be recognized by Great Place To Work® France as a Best Workplace For Women®, an company must :

1. To be included in the Best Workplaces® France 2023 awards, which recognize the best organizations as “great places to work”.

SQORUS is present in the Best Workplaces® France ranking for the 9th consecutive year in 2023, in 4th place.

2. It must also be exemplary in three aspects:

1. Representation of women: A Best Workplace For Women must include at least 33% women in its overall workforce and among its managers.

At SQORUS, women represent 41% of our workforce. Forty-two percent of women hold managerial positions at the group level and 36% are members of the executive committee.

2. Women’s perceptionA Best Workplaces For Women must have at least 70% positive responses from female employees on the entire survey – especially on the questions that make up the Parity Index

3. The practices implemented by the organization in terms of professional equality.

In addition to actions in favor of parenthood (regular telecommuting, flexible working hours, etc.), SQORUS is committed to equal treatment for men and women in terms of hiring, career advancement and compensation.

Our determination to challenge ourselves, and our presence in the Palmarès for this 4th year, reflect our ambition to promote the place of women in the company at all levels, and more specifically in positions of responsibility. Our partnership with the Association Femmes Ingénieures is another milestone reached in 2023, and new actions are planned in the months and years to come to remain a Best Workplace for Women.

Great Place for women 2023 methodology

The Best Workplaces For Women 2023® Who are they?

Faced with the urgent need to work against gender disparity, Best Workplaces For Women® have recognized the role they have to play in building a better, more inclusive world. They embody the themes of diversity and inclusion, helping to move the needle with an impact that goes far beyond the boundaries of their offices, factories, warehouses or stores.

These organizations have put in place concrete, innovative and sustainable practices around themes as diverse as parenthood, recruitment, the feminization of professions traditionally under-represented by women, equal pay, empowerment and the creation of role models.

In 2023, the Best Workplace For Women® list includes 35 exemplary companies in terms of gender equality.

“Companies realize they have no choice: creating more inclusive environments is essential to their performance, and enables them to meet new employee expectations. Only 64% of French workers believe that all employees in their company are treated fairly, whatever their gender, compared with 95% in the Best Workplaces For Women”.analyses Léa Binet-Ferté, deputy managing director of Great Place To Work France.

SQORUS (formerly Des Systèmes et des Hommes) is a consulting firm specialized in digital transformation of HR, Finance and IT functions. For more than 30 years, our consultants have been working with major companies on strategic and international projects, around information systems: development strategy, choice assistance, integration, Business Intelligence, Data Management, support and change management, but also on issues around the Cloud and Artificial Intelligence.

We have been able to adapt to the new digital challenges, the arrival of the Cloud and changes in working methods. We have succeeded in forging strong partnerships with the main software publishers in the market and in attracting business and technical experts.

Our strength: our 250 talents dedicated to the success of your projects and sharing strong values: diversity, commitment and solidarity, which constitute a real value for the company and its clients.

Great Place to Work for 9 consecutive years, SQORUS is sensitive to the development of its Sqorusians, their career evolution and their training on future solutions.

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