What new features does Oracle Visual Builder Cloud Studio offer?

As usual, Oracle is releasing a new version of its software to improve it and make it more user-friendly. This article will introduce you to the major new features and enhancements ofOracle Visual Builder Cloud Service(VBCS) Version 24.04.

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Oracle Visual Builder Cloud Service(VBCS) is a cloud application development tool that lets you create and deploy web and progressive web applications. It’s a development platform as a service (PaaS) that provides a hosted environment for your application development infrastructure.

VBCS lets you extend your applications using the same development platform on which Oracle Cloud applications are built.
With these features, Oracle VBCS will give you the ability to customize Oracle Cloud applications to meet the specific needs of your organization.

Enhanced functionalities for an optimized user experience

  • It is now possible to change the Designer theme from the default light theme to a darker theme more suitable for low-light situations. What’s more, the color palette of the development interface can be matched to your operating system settings.

  • The default page and feed within your application now carry the badge as default in the browser for easier identification. This way, you can quickly identify your application’s entry points without having to check the configuration of artifacts.

  • New web application pages now include a page-header fragment designed to contain page-specific content, which appears above the page’s visual strip. Even if you don’t work directly with the fragment, you can customize the fragment to create a personalized header at page level.

Enhance the design experience with VBCS 24.4

Oracle VBCS has introduced several enhancements to improve the design experience when working with events and action chains. The Actions tab has been renamed Action Chains. Other enhancements include :

  • Changes to the Assign a variable action
    The Assign a variable action can now be used to create a local variable, by adding the action and using the

    Properties to define it.
    Consecutive variable allotment shares are now combined into a single share.

  • Support for drag-and-drop from one action to another branch.

  • Event editor updates to improve developer productivity Oracle has reworked the way new action strings are generated when you create a listener for an event (EventListener).

VBCS strengthens DevOps security with access token limits and memorable OCI credentials

To reinforce DevOps security in VBCS, a new feature has been added to limit the creation of personal access tokens per user.

Administrators can now set limits on the number of tokens a user can create, as well as management rules for expired tokens.

When users reach this limit at organization level, they are prompted to delete tokens before creating new ones.

These notifications are also available on the Maven and NPM pages when connections are established.

At the same time, a practical option has been introduced for retaining OCI identification information during data export/import operations.

This feature memorizes OCI identification information, so you don’t have to enter it every time. By deselecting this option, stored identification information can be deleted. These additions strengthen security and simplify DevOps operations in VBCS.

Support for OCI process automation

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Process Automation, a revolutionary service that efficiently automates business approval workflows, takes integration to a new level. This service can now be rapidly integrated into VBCS, paving the way for even smoother business process automation.

To take advantage of this functionality, simply create an OCI Process Automation backend, then set up service connections for the relevant REST APIs.

This simplified integration delivers a seamless experience, allowing developers to easily access Oracle Process Automation’s powerful features directly from their preferred development environment. With this evolution, the old process-related methods in OCI become obsolete (Recording deployed processes, Using process actions in action chains Supporting process code snippets and Process-related quick starts), marking a transition to more agile and efficient workflows.

Additional updates and enhancements

Explore the other updates and enhancements included in Oracle VBCS 24.4:

  • Support for regular expressions in build and pipeline protections
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Support for external FlexFields in business rules
  • Advanced expression editor
  • Express mode enhancements
  • Build logs
  • Audit improvements
  • Buffer data provider type

Conclusion on new Oracle VBCS features

Oracle VBCS brings significant improvements in its new version, making application development smoother and more intuitive. This enables organizations to develop scalable cloud applications quickly, efficiently and securely. These benefits can help improve the organization’s competitiveness in the marketplace, and meet the changing needs of its customers and users.

Contact us today to discuss your needs and find out how Oracle VBCS can help you build better, more competitive cloud applications.



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