Artificial Intelligence and Talent Management with Workday HRIS

Artificial intelligence (AI) has radically changed the way companies manage their people, and Workday is positioning itself as a pioneer in this revolution. Thanks to its innovative, user-centric approach, Workday seamlessly integrates AI into its ecosystem, offering significant benefits to companies looking to optimize their HR processes.

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Here are 6 areas in which this HRIS stands out:

Recruitment & Internal Mobility

Workday uses Artificial Intelligence to improve the efficiency of the recruitment process:

  • Machine Learning algorithms analyze candidate data and identify the profile that best matches the company’s specific needs.
  • Job descriptions can also be written automatically, saving recruiters valuable time when posting job offers.

What’s more, with Workday Talent Marketplace, Workday connects employees to career opportunities within the company, taking into account their skills, aspirations and needs.


Performance Management with Workday

In the area of performance management, Workday provides advanced analytics to assess employee skills and contributions. Managers can benefit from personalized, data-driven recommendations, facilitating the appraisal process and enabling more precise adjustments to be made to each employee’s career development.

With Workday Talent Insights, Workday makes it possible to measure and improve employee engagement, performance and retention, using predictive and prescriptive models



Skills identification and development

With Workday Skills Cloud, the tool enables employees’ skills to be mapped, recognized and developed. Whether you’re a candidate, an employee or an administrator, Workday Skills Cloud suggests skills relevant to your level. Machine Learning matches candidates and employees with relevant positions, and proposes the best candidates to recruiters.

What’s more, the tool can analyze existing employee skills and recommend customized training programs. By identifying gaps and recommending courses or development modules, it promotes the continuous development of targeted skills within the company.


Workday succession planning

Workday’s AI plays a key role in succession planning by identifying potential talent within the organization. By analyzing past performance, current skills and career aspirations, Workday provides customized recommendations to ensure a smooth transition during management changes.


Decision support with Workday People Analytics

Workday People Analytics helps companies make strategic decisions. Predictive models analyze past trends to anticipate future needs in recruitment, talent management and organizational planning, enabling companies to remain proactive in an ever-changing environment.

With Workday Discovery Boards, users can discover and explore data, using augmented reality via fully customizable dashboards.



Employee experience using Workday AI

Beyond HR management, Workday also helps to improve the employee experience: chatbots help to quickly resolve common problems, providing immediate assistance to employees and contributing to a more productive work atmosphere..


Conclusion for AI and talent management with Workday HRIS

The integration of AI into Workday marks a major step forward in HRIS development. By combining the power of AI with an easy-to-use user interface, Workday is positioned as a leader in intelligent HRIS that meets the complex needs of today’s businesses, taking talent management to a new level. That’s why, thanks to our HR Council and Project Management partnership with Workday, our teams can now support you in your projects to make the most of the solution..

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